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Keep your home healthy Mtl Duct Cleaning, quick, safe and clean attic insulation. Proper Insulation Will Greatly Reduce Heat Loss in Your Home or Building.

Contaminated Insulation

Damaged insulation could be cause by leaks, fire, animals, rodents, smoke damage.

Damaged insulation

Removal of old contaminated, wet, damaged insulation.

Restricted airflow

Restricted airflow causing of ice dam’s, mildew and mould.

Decaying insulation

Decaying insulation poses hazards to your health and indoor air quality.

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When insulation becomes damaged or polluted, it must be removed.

Mold and mildew can form in places where there isn't enough airflow or ventilation.

Insulation that is old, polluted, or decomposing can be hazardous to your health and indoor air quality.

Removing insulation enables for complete and proper air sealing, as well as the most comfortable results.

A leaking roof, animals, and smoke damage can all cause insulation to become damaged or contaminated.

state-of-the-art equipment

Mtl Duct Cleaning can perform a complete and thorough removal of the insulation – quick, safe and clean, using state-of-the-art equipment, without disturbing the occupants of the home.

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Some Old Insulation May Pose Hazards To Your Health And Indoor Air Quality.

Insulation removal process

Insulation removal is done with state of the art containment vacuum system which keeps your home safe from contaminants.

All contaminated insulation will be disposed in a licensed facility.

If you discover a similar substance between the joists of your roof, its a safe bet to say that it is insulated with vermiculite. If your home was built before the 1990s, your vermiculite insulation may contain amphibole asbestos fibers.

Removal of mould is then carried out if needed.

All contaminated insulation is removed from your home and your attic is ready for next insulation application.

Increase your home’s energy savings with your new upgraded insulation and enjoy the comfort for years to come.

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